Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision Song Contest, Lissabon 2018

Photo by Ralph Larmann

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US Grammy Awards to Canadians


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Largest country in the world

A stunning look into the national psyche… A show whose time has finally come to Canada and the timing has never been better.A country divided by languages, politics, diversity, and provincial and territorial borders, but ultimately united by nationalistic pride.

EUROVISION CANADA is a gold medal winning Olympic moment, bumping up against a Canadian team winning The Stanley Cup, layered with the passion of the Tragically Hip’s final concert, with a taste of The JUNO Awards thrown in for production value, and the historic relevance of the Raptors bringing the NBA trophy north of the border… EUROVISION is coming to Canada.

Canadians successfully represent every possible genre of music with our rock stars, pop icons, country legends, world renowned rap and hip-hop artists, and classical divas, along with artists performing traditional and Indigenous music that cannot be heard anywhere else in the world.

The Songs represented in EUROVISION CANADA will easily feel like a playlist of modern Canadiana. Well-constructed ear worm pop songs, next to gritty, playful country tunes, Bollywood sounds, Inuit throat singing, melodic folk songs, aggressive rap and hip hop, and a funky rock sound that could only come from a country so vast it has six time zones.

Eurovision Canada is a co-production between Voxovation and Insight Productions.

Let's create in an all-in extravaganza!

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