Eurovision Song Contest


Eurovision Song Contest, USA 2022

Photo by NBC

Only in America


ESC Format export ever


States and territories competing



When Oklahoma’s Alexa lifted the American Song Contest trophy, history was made. It was the culmination of the first ever official adaptation of the Eurovision Song Contest format outside of Europe. Initiated and Produced by Voxovation.

Hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, American Song Contest was NBC:s biggest new entertainment launch in a decade. Instead of countries competing, this is a competition between not only all of the 50 US states, but for the first time ever all of the US territories are invited to perform and vote in a competition that truly spans the entire nation. No other music competition show on American Television has ever put 86 full scale live performances on stage in one season, with a truly massive Emmy nominted production value.

Household names such as Michael Bolton, Macy Gray, Allen Stone, Sisqó and Jewel joined the competition, but in the end the winner was the unlikely but exceptionally talented K Pop artist from Oklahoma. Alexa, born and raised in Oklahoma and a former cheerleader scored a massive hit with ”Wonderland” and won the the inaugural ASC final in a landslide.


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